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Generate Cash and Love Your Business.

Karuna’s Cash Energetics helps women healers develop a profitable cash business so she may enjoy her independence and the freedom to spend time with family, without having to obsess over digital marketing, ads, or social media.

Karuna & Mom

Business runs in Karuna’s blood. She was literally born into business, growing up in ten different family businesses and helping her parents work with customers as early as twelve years old.

Karuna is also a second-generation healer, having been raised in a household where presence, mindfulness, and conscientiousness were central values. Her grandfather was an Ayurvedic leader in their village outside of Bombay, India.

Karuna started working with her hands and feet at a young age and eventually pursued formal training in the healing arts. She earned a Bachelor of Science in physical therapy at California State University of Long Beach.

In 2014, she was selected as a TEDMED Scholar, joining a unique group of experts from organizations and institutions including the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Johns Hopkins University, UnitedHealth Group, University of Toronto, Humana, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The fastest way to create a successful practice is by first improving your relationship with money.

Tying these two loves together, business and health, Karuna owns a successful practice in San Francisco that specializes in integrative physical therapy and is now celebrating its 8th year.

As the founder of Cash Energetics, she alleviates the frustration that many healers face when seeking to grow their practice — corporate-style advice that overemphasizes marketing technology. Instead, Cash Energetics is an inner business development program.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or you have a team, you are the center of your business. As the owner or CEO, you call the shots. Your inner power is profound and sets the direction for what happens outside of yourself.

Different from the digital marketing herd, we help business owners learn the fastest way to create a successful practice by first improving their relationship with money.

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