About You

You are a healer that loves her work. You have developed proficiency over years of dedication and study. Your patients get results! You’ve taken the leap into business ownership and now run your own practice.

You enjoy being your own boss and making money. You don’t mind treating yourself to luxury and quality experiences. Personal time is important to you and you value the company of family and friends. Having a successful business affords many of these things that matter to you most.

Growing your healing practice can be a struggle

…especially if you have a visionary method for your work.

Here are common hardships that you might be familiar with:

If your experience was anything like mine, at some point you became convinced that growing your business meant immersing yourself in digital marketing and jargon – and it wasn’t pleasant. It was too technical and confusing.. The approach may have also reminded you of big corporate and that didn’t sit well with you. Plus, these strategies were not always effective, leading to frustration, wasted money, and a false sense of failure.

Unfortunately, all of this can lead to some of the brightest and most inspired in our industry to quit due to fatigue or burnout.

My mission is to make sure that the best healers stay in business

I want the world to continue having access to Great Healers outside of the mainstream healthcare model, like you! For that, two things have to happen:

  1. You have a business that you find fulfilling
  2. You have cash in the bank

How can we make this happen? One of the fastest ways to grow your business is to develop more awareness, especially of your relationship with cash.

This fundamentally changes who you are as a person and as a business owner. This means you will see the world with more clarity and a more abundant mindset. Which then leads to better decision-making that speaks to your soul (so you don’t end up in a rabbit hole of marketing gimmicks ever again).

You will trust in yourself more and this results in smarter choices for your business.


You may hear the words “Cash Energetics” and wonder, “Is this another law of attraction workshop?” And I assure you it is not. What is it then?

 Better than explain it to you, I want you to experience it. Energy is an intangible. It is something you sense through feeling. So, let’s get to it.

Do this with me now.

  1. Take out your wallet.
  2. Explore its contents and grab a cash item that you love the most. Cash items are anything that may be related to purchasing – cash, credit cards, rewards cards.
  3. Take your time to notice how you feel about this item. You might, for example, feel calm, excitement, or joy.
  4. Let’s select another item from your wallet, this time one that you don’t like so much.
  5. Notice how you feel about that. Do you feel warm, angry, sweaty, or maybe something else?
  6. Now, take the first item and hold it in your right hand. Take the second item and hold it in your left hand.
  7. Being present in this moment, look at each item and notice the difference in how each feels when you look at them.

That feeling is Energy that is held by that specific item. And we can use physical objects to help focus into our personal cash energy and transform our relationship with cash.

It’s about Awareness

In a traditional workshop setting, I might ask participants to hold their objects up in the air. “Look around,” I’ll say. Everyone’s items will be different. Some will have chosen cash – different bills ranging from one dollar to one hundred. Some might have a credit card or rewards card.

Before we continue, understand that this isn’t about “alignment,” how some objects and the feelings they evoke are in alignment with us (and therefore good) and how others are not. The concept of alignment suggests that there is also misalignment, and this is an idea that can generate unproductive self-criticism and other destructive, negative feelings.

Knowledge of Preference Brings Awareness to Your Energy

Instead, what I want you to take away from your observations is this. “I am unique and what I like or dislike isn’t wrong.” This contrast in our feelings and experiences can help each of us improve our awareness of our individual preferences. This is the key. This knowledge of our preferences can help us tap into energy. Every item will carry different energy for every person – and energy is most powerful when it is specific to people and their particular situations. It is like your DNA.

The Inner Business Journey is the Key To Fulfilled Success

This is why cookie-cutter business development programs may not have worked for you in the past.

The better you understand yourself, the better you feel, the more clear you will become, the less you fight against yourself, the quieter the negative self-talk, the better your choices, and from this powerful place, we can start to create your life and your business with more intention.

First, you must learn your uniqueness and then take action. Not the other way around, which is an error that many people inadvertently make. The quest here is to discover your distinct energetic blueprint. I guide my clients through this important Inner Journey.

Who This Is For

To benefit from this group, you would be a business owner that wants to surround yourself with the right people in an environment of ease and flow, to help you uncover your genius blueprint, and actualize your unique vision for your healing practice.

This is how you gain benefits from this group:

  1. Be ready to have engaging conversations. Manifesting your fabulous profitable fulfilling business requires one to get comfortable in their skin. This is a safe space to practice that.
  2. Be comfortable with Energy. At a minimum, have an open mind to explore. To generate different results, one must do things differently.

We focus on intention, authenticity, flow, simplicity, and ease. This is a facet of the business world that is undervalued and rarely spoken of, but it generates the greatest ROI.

My intention is to help the best healers thrive with cash.

I am absolutely delighted to have you here!

Let’s have some fun!

To More Cash and Freedom,