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Welcome to the practice of Cash Energetics. I’m so excited to see you here and I look forward to getting to know your Awesome self!

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First, request to join the best facebook group ever (as our clients say). It is called Cash Falls From The Sky. This is our private little community where everything happens. Get admitted to this Awesome space.

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Calendar / Schedule

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Every Month:

Every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Thursday evening of the month, you will receive a Practice of the Week. It is strategically designed to take 3-5 minutes and send you on your way to practicing this new habit in Real life.

The 4th week of every month marks Integration week. This is space to catch up, practice something you have learned, or simply revel in where you are – integrating yourself with your new energy.

We close out this week with a Q&A call that happens every 4th Saturday: our Millionaire’s Cash Call. Here I will teach a fresh lesson on Energy and you will have an opportunity to ask your specific questions and gain feedback.

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Who You'll Meet

You will be joining a part of an exclusive community of self-employed business owners that are women physical therapists – doing something different than the status quo. Creative, Exploratory, Supportive, and Non-judgemental.

You are a powerful being that can have what you deeply desire. Abundance is infinitely available to you. In this group, we openly talk about our love for cash, freedom, and luxury, you name it.

We are going to bring ease and flow to your business and most importantly to you.

To Cash and Freedom!



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